Friday, February 19, 2010

Henry Paul Band - Feel The Heat Demos (1980)

Yeah, some demos for you. I love demos, wish I had many more to offer. So, there's my request to you. But here we have some demos the Henry Paul Band cut in preparation of their second release, "Feel The Heat". They're actually two sets of demos, one recorded on January 31:

...and another recorded on April 22:

It's a great listen, giving some interesting insight on the making of yet another classic Southern Rock record. And it features "Tell Him Goodbye" and "Just A Little", the first an unreleased new song (I think) and the second a cover of the Beau Brummels hit record from 1965. Sweet! There's also an instrumental version of "Turn It Up", which you can use for your next karaoke party. Hey, for all you Henry Paul and The Outlaws fans: Feel The Heat.


Skydogg said...

Is there anyone out there who has CD versions of Feel The Heat and Anytime? I have them on vinyl but would like clean rips for my ipod.

Luc said...

I have the CD versions

Skydogg said...

Yes please... ;-)

Anonymous said...

They sound more like outtakes than demos to me.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can up the Outlaws album Playin' To Wind? Been looking for it for a long time.

Thanks! Great site!!!