Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dixie Dregs - Rebel Jam '78 (1978)

The Dixie Dregs, featuring guitar virtuoso Steve Morse, were rather unusual Southern Rock fare. I guess they could best be described as a Southern Fusion Jazz Country Rock band. And most of their albums were instrumental. This one's for music lovers. It's great music, though probably not as easy to digest for all. In 1978 Dixie Dregs played at the Rebel Jam, a festival of which several tracks had already been released on albums such as "Hotels, Motels & Road Shows" and "Alive Down South". This is the complete part of the festival as performed by the Dixie Dregs. There's some serious picking going and it's one hell of a show to have. Great sound quality too. Refried Funky Chicken!


Luc said...

Thanks amigo.

Luc said...

There are some strange things:
1) On "Hotels...", the intro of the show is with "Refried Funky Chicken" and here it's on "Take It Off the Top"
2) The "Hotels..." version of "Refried Funky Chicken" is around 1 minute shorter
3)"ALive Down South" includes the song "Macon Bacon" that is not present here.

Skydogg said...

Strange indeed. Do we have a connoisseur on Dixie Dregs in the house to help us out?

Brad Geiger said...

Thanks! I saw Dixie Dregs in this same timeframe and have always love their blend of jazz-country-rock. Every member a virtuoso!

shawnog said...

I saw this show. One could only win tickets, not offered for sale. Then pick envelope out of box which contained seats. Pretty cool. Loved going to the Fox. Only recall bits of the show, has been a while. Steve Morse was incredible.