Saturday, October 03, 2009

Larry Jon Wilson - Loose Change (1977)

Aaah, that wonderful voice of Larry Jon Wilson. What the hell is wrong with the world? These Larry Jon Wilson albums from the 70's are like the crown jewels of Outlaw Country music, they should be available to all. But they're not. So, I'll gladly inform y'all on this lost gem. "Loose Change" is album number three by Larry Jon, and like "New Beginnings" and "Let Me Sing My Song To You" it's more of the same. Greatness that is. Sometimes the arrangements are a little lush, but there's always enough raw beauty and substance to keep the music enthralling. The rip is less perfect than the previous two, so if anyone out there has a clean copy, please holler. Also, I'm still looking for "Sojourner".
In 2008 Larry Jon made his first new album since "Sojourner" from 1979. Called "Larry Jon Wilson", the album doesn't resemble his 70's albums very much. Still very good, but since the instrumentation is stripped down to the bare essentials, it's less interesting to me. I love the big arrangements of these albums much better. Well, that's just my humble opinion, you be the judge yourself. It's still available so check it out. He's still got that amazing voice. For now, all I need is some Loose Change..


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Thanks for posting.

Skydogg said...

Larry Jon Wilson - Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Reggie Young - Electric Guitar
Bobby Wood, Bobby Ogdin - Keyboards
Joe Osborn, Tom Cogbill - Bass
Henry Strzelecki - Acoustic Bass
Hayward Bishop - Drums
Weldon Myrick - Dobro
Greg "Fingers" Taylor - Harmonica
Buddy Spicher - Fiddle
Mickey Newburry - Hums, Whistles

Recorded at Pete Drake Studio and Creative Workshop, Berry Hill, TN
Engineers: Al Pachucki, Brent Meher

from the liner notes:

The reason there's no "Side A" and "Side B" is that I did part of the music in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, with their great pickers, and part of the music in Nashville, Tennessee with their great pickers - and in both places I had the most fun Ive ever had recording.

My love for different kinds of music has apparently left the music that I write and perform with no "bag" to be places in. This album supports that fact.

Sometimes I wish that I performed and wrote some particular, identifiable kind of music ... but, I don't. I've loved and personally subscribed to so many different forms of music throughout my life that I can neither write, perform, nor listen to any particular kind for long. This album also supports that fact.
But, since I can't transfer beauty to an audience ... (I've never been busted for my beauty), or immense talent (any hotel I go to has someone that's probably better than me in their lounge), or incredible "hipness" (I've never won a fencing match).

The only thing I'd like to transfer to an audience is that I love to sing, and write, and play music. And I hope, most of all, this album supports that fact!!
L. J. Wilson

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