Friday, October 23, 2009

Jay Boy Adams - Fork In The Road (1978)

Texan Jay Boy Adams is a singer/songwriter who has released three solo albums. "Fork In The Road" is his second. and it's a great mix of Country Rock and Southern Rock with some West Coast thrown in for good measure. It has a rather slick production but, since the music sounds passionate and driven, that's not a problem at all. What you get is a good sounding record with plenty good songs and some fierce picking. A couple of times the guitars will remind you very much of The Allman Brothers Band, and some vocals harmonies that would make the Eagles go "ooooohh!" (Jackson Browne and David Lindley guesting on this album). I do wish I had a mint copy of this to work with, because the vinyl I worked with for this rip was a bit too worn. Better still, somebody should release this on CD. For his third release the world would have to wait 30 years, 2007's "The Shoe Box". Jay Boy Adams was also a part of Southern Rock supergroup Brothers Of The Southland, which released a wonderful album in 2009, called "Brothers Of The Southland". Buy it. And listen to this record. Superkicker!


Jenaclap said...

Great album I discover by you. Some guitars remind the Allman Bross., it' true, maybe some thicks but on precious "double voices".

Thaks a lot.


Luc said...


I just put on-line an interview with Jay Boy Admas at


donovan s. brain said...

Saw him warming up for ZZ Top in Statesboro back in the dinosaur age. Armed only with an acoustic guitar, he subdued a rowdy crowd who wanted loud rock and beat them back into their seats long enough for ZZ to set up and play. It was so long ago the Top were all clean-shaven . . .