Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cry Of Love - The Borderline Presents... (1993)

Cry Of Love was a real hot band, which (unfortunately) only released two albums. Quite heavy Southern Rock with lots of Classic (British) Rock influences. A mixture of Free, Hendrix and Skynyrd, these guys rock out in style. And Cry Of Love was a great live band as well. As can be heard on the Warren Haynes "Wintertime Blues Benefit", for which they reunited after they had split up. Guitarist Audley Freed would wind up playing for the Black Crowes.
This show, live at The Borderline in London, gives you Cry Of Love at their best. Live and unrestrained. Good sound, very well written songs, sweet picking. If you like your Southern Rock on the raunchy side, get this. Because besides sounding somewhat raunchy, they deliver their repertoire energetically and with class. Old school!


RORY said...

thanks,thanks.One of my favorites band.
Wonderful blog

Anonymous said...

Hey thank you, man! Cry of Love has always been one of my favorite bands...

Luc said...

Very good set!

Some info:

#1 to 7:
London, England
September 21st, 1993
BBC Radio 1 Broadcast

#8 to 10:
The Bob Harris Show (BBC - Radio 2)
Live Acoustic Session
September 21st, 1993

Skydogg said...

Thanks for for the additional info!

TheCrazyCowProductions said...

hey skydogg nice place you have there, too bad i didnt get here on time to get the links when they were alive, in case you care for some trade in music, leave me a msg. until then cheers to you and all the skydoggers.

Skydogg said...

Hi Crazy Cow,
Any links that are dead, just holler and I'll renew. I don't trade, I just share whatever I have or am given ;) Anything special you're looking for?