Monday, August 10, 2009

Blackhawk - Live At The Troubadour (1997)

Blackhawk featured singer/guitarist Henry Paul, formerly of The Outlaws. After leaving The Outlaws, he formed the Henry Paul Band and released 4 albums (the last as a solo record). On those albums you saw a fine artist starting off with a great Southern Rock album ("Grey Ghost"), then changing musical paths from Hard Rock to more Pop oriented albums, eventually not getting anywhere. You can blame that on the 80's, which was bad news for music in general and even worse for any kind of roots music.
In 1994 Henry Paul, along with Van Stephenson and Dave Robbins, formed Blackhawk. A Country Rock band - hardly anything to do with Southern Rock - which immediately made an impact on the charts with the song "Goodbye Says It All". Blackhawk often got lumped in with acts such as Little Texas and Restless Heart, but in my view they were a cut above the rest. In all honesty, that probably had everything to do with the characteristic voice of Henry Paul. I was always looking out for his voice on the first 3 albums of The Outlaws, and I think the only decent song on "Soldiers of Fortune" was the Henry Paul song "Cold Harbor". But Blackhawk obviously has more to with Country than with The Outlaws. Still, as far as 90's Country Rock goes, this is as good as it gets. Live From The Troubadour is a radio broadcast from 1997 with Blackhawk performing an acoustic set. I hadn't actually noticed at first, but it's as mr. Paul says: "no amplifiers, just talent". The sound is splendid and the playing and singing are equally good. It does feature live renditions of "Every Once in a While" and "Goodbye Says It All". I really love the song "Just About Right".
These days Henry Paul is once again touring with The Outlaws, assuming the role of main man since the untimely passing on of Hughie Thomasson. Cross our fingers and hope that the new album, so long talked about already, will get a release very soon. Besides The Outlaws, Henry is also still touring with Blackhawk. And this is what they sound like.


charles said...

Very good album, very good band (sorry my english). Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

Thanx, didnt know this one existed.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the album.

Is there a way you could scan the back of the cover, and also the cd part so I could make the cd look professional. Or is there an option to buy a retail copy on this site.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the album

Is there a way you could post pics of the back of the cd with the tracklisting. And also maybe the cd part
Thank You

Or is there an option to purchase this album with the full cd book and all

Skydogg said...

I'm afraid you'll just have to get creative yourself, since this was never released officially. It's an FM broadcast, converted for your enjoyment to MP3 files... No artwork, sorry, nor any possible way to purchase this as CD.

Curtis - Richmond, VA said...

This is an amazing disc! I had the pleasure of seeing the band about two weeks ago in Minnesota and a number of the tunes from this offering were played at that show. The standout track from this recording for me is Van Stephenson's "If That Was a Lie." Goosebumps Galore...what a voice! Tragically, he's no longer with us and this tune is not in the band's current set-list BUT...this disc truly captures the band in their 1997 glory. Please seek and check them out if they're in your vicinity! You'll be glad that you did!

Anonymous said...

Hey I see I'm a little slow. Just listened to the show last night. WOW! Hank and the boys at their finest. Thanks for the show. "May your grass be green and your tides be high!"

Stathis said...

can you, please, repost this CD?
Thank you very much

Skydogg said...