Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Commercial break: The Radiators

No, it's not that I'm going commercial. But I do like to draw some attention to the new album by The Radiators, "The Lost Southlake Sessions". I got sent a copy and I'm allowed to give you one song of the album. And I like it.
The Radiators are from New Orleans, Louisiana. And they sound like it too. If, besides Southern Rock, you dig the NOLA vibe, you should definitely give this a try. These guys have been around since 1978 and still play with the same line-up. They released several albums, mostly on small labels. According to Allmusic "Law Of The Fish", their only major label release (and thus, the band probably having access to all the right means), is the one to have.
This is New Orleans Rock alright. An influence which can be heard in Little Feat music as well. And of course on any Anders Osborne album.
The Radiators are a little more straightforward than that though. No triple guitar lead attacks here, but splendid easygoing Rock. You can here some Southern Rock in here, but also Border Rock, like Los Lobos. Live, they tend to do some jamming. They offer lots of live shows as downloads. Check that out as well. On this album the songs are compact songs. I recommend this album. But you be the judge. Check out this, the song: "Honey From The Bee"

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Anonymous said...

One song? To heck with the Radiators! Next?