Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cate Brothers Band - Live (1998)

I had in mind to post the Cate Brothers CD "Arkansas Soul Siblings", only to find that it was re-released under a new title, "Born To Wander". I just ordered it, and it's a very good remaster. The recordings on those albums are pre-dating their Asylum releases. The music has some more Rhythm & Blues influences than their later work, but already you hear their distinctive sound. I still wonder how these recordings relate to The Cates Gang output, chronologically. They must've been recorded around the same time, I think. Very much recommended.
Nearly 30 years later they released "Live", and it just goes to show that sometimes the finest musicians will continue to release the finest music. Lots of classics played wonderfully on this live set. "Time Is A Thief", "In One Eye And Out The Other", "Union Man" and a very nice version of Tony Joe White's "Steamy Windows". You may know the songs already, but this is quite a nice addition to the Cate Brothers collection. I would love to see all their albums re-released (Wounded Bird, are you listening?). For now, let's get funky...


Urk said...

Hi, I'm a big Cate Brothers fan & an actually working on a dissertation about the soul/rock scene in Northwest Arkansas in the 70s. I've had some of the same questions about how the Crazy Cajun material relates to the CG Metromedia albums. My guess (more or less confirmed secondhand by the Cates via a friend) is that the Crazy Cajun stuff is from before, during, and after the two Metromedia LPs. Some of it's pretty raw, sounding very "live in the studio" and some of it has obvious overdubs in backup vox, horns, etc. a few of the songs seem to be the same versions that appear on Wanted, and maybe Come Back Home, tho I don't have that lp for reference.

There's a story that what got the Cates signed to Asylum is a demo tape that Levon left on Elliot Roberts desk, and I think it's possible that some of the Born to Wander comp is that demo, or vice versa.

Skydogg said...

Thanks a lot. I sort of figured that from the sound of the recordings. Which i really love very much. The liner notes mention an LP released in 1977 on Crazy Cajun called "The Friendship Train". I never knew about that one. Was it released locally or something? And do you, by any chance, know where one might get their hands on an LP rip of the "Wanted" album by The Cates Gang?

Anonymous said...
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Urk said...

Hi skydog

it looks like soemeone else already took care of it, but I have Wanted digitized & could send it to ya. Let me know. I just found your Come Back Home post & it's much appreciated. I also have some live stuff I recorded, drop me a note if your interested.

Urk said...

Oh, and Friendship Train looks like something that Crazy Cajun/Metromedia might have put out to capitalize on their old recordings after the Cates started releasing albums on Asylum/Atlantic. I've never seen a copy and it isn't listed in the online discography that i found for Metromedia.

Also, I went back and listened to Wanted again, and the duplicate songs are definitely different versions, more overdubs, different vocal and guitar tracks, etc. In general, the stuff that Crazy Cajun is reissuing seems punchier than Wanted, so now i'm thinking it is later. & yeah, I love the sound of those recordings too.