Friday, March 21, 2008

Travis Wammack - Follow That Guitar! (1982)

In 1982 Travis Wammack recorded material for small-time Nashville label Phonorama. For some strange reason, someone thought it would be really cool to release two albums at the same time with a 5 song overlap. Named "Follow Me"...

... and the other one "A Man And A Guitar".
I ripped both and took the liberty of merging them for this upload (and my Ipod as well). For those interested in the original running order, check Rate Your Music. I also added two singles released on the Gusto label. Both singles had the same song as A- and B-side, so only two extra songs there. And the last song in this file is a song I found on the internet, which is probably from one of his independently released CD's.
Check out these 'hard to find' recordings by one of my all-time favorites. Follow That Guitar!

Travis Wammack interview part 3
Watch part 1 here
Watch part 2 here


brujo said...

thanks for the Travis Wammack on Phonorama have been looking for them for a while a couple of friends have copies but won't part with them .I still remember seeing him play in a little bar in the Muscle shoals area and he was fantastic .

Skydogg said...

you're very welcome. I can see how your friends won't part with the Travis Wammack records. it's very rare and great music. I'm still looking for the Fame singles that didn't make it to the Fame album. If you know anyone who has those and is willing and able to rip...