Sunday, July 23, 2017

The history of… Knowbody Else! - Glennray Tutor interview for Bands Of Dixie (Original version of the interview published in Bands Of Dixie #111, 2017, fourth trimester)

For a long time, Knowbody Else's discography was limited to the one and only LP released in 1969 on Hip Records, a subsidiary of Stax, to which we didn't clearly know if we had to add or not "Early Times" released in 1974 under the Black Oak Arkansas name. 2012 saw the release of "Soldiers Of Pure Peace". Its content was the band first recordings, done by Jim Dickinson at Ardent Studios between 1967 and 1968 and never before released. This publication would have never been released without the determination of a Knowbody Else's fan, Glennray Tutor, to find those tapes. The interest of this CD is of course musical but however isn't imited to the solely listening of those unearthed archives. Indeed, it is coupled with an important documentary interest due to a high quality booklet written by Glennray Tutor. The information sources about the band being usually contradictories, quite fancifuls and full of errors, make us want to ask Glennray Tutor to tell us about Knowbody Else. Having closely known the band in the sixties and having researched its history, he's probably the best Knowbody Else connoisseur. But Glennray Tutor is also an artist - an internationally-renowned painter - and the interest of his answers go beyond the information they contain, it is also on the specific way, related to his artistic sensibility, he looks at other artists.
English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Glennray Tutor

"Early Times" on this blog.

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