Saturday, January 09, 2016

Les Dudek interview for Bands Of Dixie (archive, 2014)

In 1973, Les Dudek made a name for himself because of his guitar work on the famous "Brothers And Sisters" where he played on the two albums gems. One might also wonder whether if we would sumptuously celebrate, in 2013, the 40th anniversary of this record if Les Dudek hadn't been there? But 2013 also sees the release of a new album after more than ten years of waiting ... and what an album! A delight from start to finish! The career of the Florida biker is rich in many projects and we would have had a thousand questions to ask him... priority to the Macon period, to his solo career and especially this "Delta Breeze" which we don't want to wait ten more years for enjoy its successor!

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview with Les Dudek.

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