Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cate Brothers - Radioland (1995)

Some more Cate Brothers for ya (it's been a while). 'Radioland' was released in 1995 and sounds like it too. Cate Brothers were always leaning towards a cleaner, more soulful side of Southern Rock. But in the 90's Blues all of a sudden became a hip thing again. Slick Blues that is. You know, everybody seems to do it at that time. People like Gary Moore and Les Dudek. The kind of Blues that seemed inspired by the likes of Robert Cray. So is it any good? Hell yes, it is. Cate Brothers always had a very tight band, and that hasn't changed. The skillful and tasteful playing combined with the wonderful voice of Ernie Cate, well you just can't go wrong there. To be honest, I miss the Funk and sound of the Asylum albums, but there's not a Cate Brothers album that I don't enjoy. This you can perfectly play late night, wooing your baby. Recovered Soul..


snakeboy said...

One of those that slipped through the cracks. Thanks for posting.

Vergergc said...

Thanks, Skydog - great stuff!!

madwos said...

Simply beatiful ! Thanks ! Eat a Peach !


Bluesercher said...

Hello Skydog.

My great thanks for music on this blog.
Especially for The Cate Brothers and someone else... :-)
But all links to other Cate Brothers records, have not worked.
Please - re-up his...
Thanks in advance.

Skydogg said...

Hi Bluesercher. All Cate Bros/Cates Gang link re-upped!