Thursday, May 01, 2014

Fallenrock - Watch For Fallenrock (1974)

Back to '74 for another lost gem on the Capricorn label. This was the only album by Tennesseans Fallenrock, a fine piece of lightweight Southern Rock. It has a breezy summer feel to it, sometimes reminiscent to West Coast Country Rock, this has quite a bit more substance to it. I really love all the songs, make me wanna sing along. Fallenrock featured Rafe VanHoy, who would turn out to be quite a prolific songwriter. Don't expect anything like The Allmans or Blackfoot. It's all rather sweet, but in a good way. Nice harmonies, great playing and memorable songs. Watch for Fallenrock.


ziggi said...

Awesome recording!! Love hearing new/old music that is a surprise to my ears. Nice find!

Vergergc said...

Hi Skydog - sounds great! I agree with ziggi. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Good album.

St~JAmes Club said...

have a lot´s of distortion , anyway thank´s great gem !