Saturday, August 24, 2013

Don Nix - Hobos, Heroes And Street Corner Clowns (1973)

"Hobos, Heroes And Street Corner Clowns" is an excellent third album by Don Nix. Laid back, soft, mellow Southern Rock? Call it what you will. Just remember in 1973 musicians weren't much occupied by the thought on what Southern Rock should sound like. The good thing about that, is that it results in a creative approach to the music we all love so much. Don had his roots in Blues and Soul, and that's pretty much what you get here, albeit it with a definite Southern touch. Also some pretty slick arrangements on some of the mellower songs. Good stuff. Very good rip too (not mine, thanks to whoever did this ;-)). Hear that Black Cat Moan...


Anonymous said...

Hello Skydog, is it possible to upload this album with another host, because doesn't work here.

Thank You


Anonymous said...

got all of his albums digitally, see here:
including the Alabma State Troupers.

That one is definitely southern rock with Furry Lewis and Jeannie Greene.

He is just good old southern rock like Mylon

Anonymous said...

agreed now getting anything but text with


Skydogg said...

I get the full file. Make sure you're not using the download accelerator, which is on by default (read carefully, untick the box).

Skydogg said...

The Alabama State Troupers is already posted here: