Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alex Taylor - Voodoo In Me (1989)

Older brother of James Taylor, Alex hardly served the same audience musically. He released his first album on the then newly formed Capricorn label, back in 1971. He did not not have a very big output on record, and since he died in 1993 that's not likely to change very soon. Though there is still the missing album from 1974 on Dunhill Records, "Third For Music", which was never released. But that it exists is proven with this youtube entry (thanks Jan). If you know who has it, get it for us.

"Voodoo In Me" was the last album Alex released. It's less classic Southern Rock than his previous album, this leans more towards homey Blues Rock, horns and all. Great voice, nothing like brother James, much rawer. He finds himself amongst pickers that sure know how to handle their instrument. This is a great late Saturday night hoe down for y'all. Tequila quicksand.


Anonymous said...

Very, very good. Wanderful voice.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this some time ago and am just listening now. Wow. What a revelatio! Thanx much.

Skydogg said...

We aim to please ;)