Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wet Willie - The Wetter The Better (1976)

I noticed that this album by Wet Willie is no longer available on CD. Which is a shame, cause "The Wetter The Better" is among my favorite Wet Willie albums. It was their fifth studio album, and on this record it all seems to come together. This has everything which made Wet Willie such a fun band to listen to. Still a lot of energy, but more matured than on previous records. It's got Soul and Funk but it still rocks plenty! Some great songs, like "Comic Book Hero" and "Everything That 'Cha Do", this is the album to have. For me. Baby Fat!


Luc said...

I was just preparing the next Dixie Rock radio program and I included "Teaser" from this LP!

Neroon001 said...

this will bring back some memories ! great band to have a pig cookin too and a few beers,thanks for sharing this one