Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dr. Hector And The Groove Injectors - Prescription (1987)

In the early 80's lots of Southern Rock bands decided to try their hand at commercial Pop Rock/AOR, like 38 Special and Molly Hatchet. Grinderswitch, on the other hand, decided to just call it quits. Dru Lombar grabbed the opportunity to launch his new band with this 1987 debut album. Dr. Hector And The Groove Injectors was not quite what Grinderswitch used to be, though the music is far from the usual 80's fare. Instead we get a good dose of well played, inspiring Rhythm & Blues/Blues Rock with some definite Southern guitar picking. Nice vocals too (no, not necessarily when Dru is singing...). And horns. It's a really satisfying album and I'm sure glad Luc sent me a rip. This is not the rip already circulating on other blogspots. You be the judge which is the better. Learn more about Dru here. Great album, great songs, great for throwing a party. Kingsnake shake.


manel said...

Great album!! Thanks a lot!!

Xoconostle Cósmico said...

Thank you so much!