Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Molly Hatchet - Gods And Knights (1984)

It's a sad notion, but then again, it comes for us all. Alas, yet another legendary, first generation Southern Rocker passed away recently. Dave Hlubek of and with Molly Hatchet certainly left a legacy to be proud of. And some foot stompin' fierce Southern Rock to boot. I'll drink and remember, while listening to this hot 1984 live show, also featuring the late great Danny Joe Brown. Flirtin' with Disaster, y'all!


Lenny said...

Thanks, Skydogg.

djsoup said...

Thank you so much for sharing!I kno some similar samples to these tacks,i share with u - https://rockafu.blogspot.com/2017/09/rebel-storm-discografia-basica.html

Anonymous said...

Hi Skydog,
i noticed yr comment about the lost Target album & thought you'd appreciate this link:
Hope life's treating you well my friend, best wishes to you & happy Halloween!

Skydogg said...

Thanks a lot man! All is well, hope you are too! Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this great upload, much appreciated. Visiting your website always feels like home. Greetings from Germany

Skydogg said...

You're welcome! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mr. BIG - Go Big Or Go Home [Compilation] (1975-1978) UK


Not Southern Rock, but i thought you might enjoy it anyway.
Great UK 70's Glammy Hard Rock. If you like Queen/Mott/Silverhead/Sweet/SAHB etc. you'll enjoy this.

Skydogg said...

Excellent stuff. Thanks a lot, I hadn't heard it before. Cheers ;-)

Mike said...

Wanted to use your most recent post to thank you for all the Southern Rock you have shared. I lost my last hard drive and have been replenishing from your blog the last two days. Thanks VERY much for all the posts!

Skydogg said...

Sorry to hear about your hard drive, glad to be able to help out a little. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Chat box gone for good? :(

Anonymous said...

Happy new year skydog.
here's a little something for you:

January Rose – No Alibi (USA-1988)

Nice independently released commercial Southern Rock a la 38 Special.
Here's to a happy, healthy & prosperous 2019,

Skydogg said...

Thanks a lot Bigfoot. All best wishes for you too. A little late but I was off celebrating hot weather in Suriname. Thanks for the music too ;-)

Clipping Path Service said...

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Anonymous said...

RIP Phil McCormack (Molly Hatchet frontman) :(

Anonymous said...

Hello, will you post new stuff and keep this legendary blog alive? Keep on rockin'

Lon Chaney III said...

Just brilliant. Listening to Bringing It Back Alive right now and found your site!! Christmas has come early - thank you!

Anonymous said...

LOOSE BOOTS - Loose Boots (+ Bonus Tracks) (1977) USA [Arizona]


A nice little privately pressed LP that leans toward the county rock end of the southern rock scale. Nice vocal harmonies & great 'chicken scratch' geetars too.
Thought it would be appreciated here.
Full art:
All the best,

Skydogg said...

He's alive! Thanks man ;-)

Anonymous said...

And here we are at the start of yet another new year, hope all's good with you my friend. Here are a couple of nice vintage Southern Rock items for you to get 2022 off to a fine start.

WHEELS - Rock Around The Block : Live (1980) USA


JINX - Rock Around The Block : Live (1980) USA


art & txt included & no password required