Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Molly Hatchet - Gods And Knights (1984)

It's a sad notion, but then again, it comes for us all. Alas, yet another legendary, first generation Southern Rocker passed away recently. Dave Hlubek of and with Molly Hatchet certainly left a legacy to be proud of. And some foot stompin' fierce Southern Rock to boot. I'll drink and remember, while listening to this hot 1984 live show, also featuring the late great Danny Joe Brown. Flirtin' with Disaster, y'all!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The history of… Knowbody Else! - Glennray Tutor interview for Bands Of Dixie (Original version of the interview published in Bands Of Dixie #111, 2017, fourth trimester)

For a long time, Knowbody Else's discography was limited to the one and only LP released in 1969 on Hip Records, a subsidiary of Stax, to which we didn't clearly know if we had to add or not "Early Times" released in 1974 under the Black Oak Arkansas name. 2012 saw the release of "Soldiers Of Pure Peace". Its content was the band first recordings, done by Jim Dickinson at Ardent Studios between 1967 and 1968 and never before released. This publication would have never been released without the determination of a Knowbody Else's fan, Glennray Tutor, to find those tapes. The interest of this CD is of course musical but however isn't imited to the solely listening of those unearthed archives. Indeed, it is coupled with an important documentary interest due to a high quality booklet written by Glennray Tutor. The information sources about the band being usually contradictories, quite fancifuls and full of errors, make us want to ask Glennray Tutor to tell us about Knowbody Else. Having closely known the band in the sixties and having researched its history, he's probably the best Knowbody Else connoisseur. But Glennray Tutor is also an artist - an internationally-renowned painter - and the interest of his answers go beyond the information they contain, it is also on the specific way, related to his artistic sensibility, he looks at other artists.
English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Glennray Tutor

"Early Times" on this blog.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pat Terranova (Rambler) interview for Bands Of Dixie (English version of the interview published in Bands Of Dixie #109, 2016, second trimester.)

Bands Of Dixie has the mission to introduce the emerging bands, those who represent the succession of the seventies famous names that everyone expects in the Southern rock community. With Blackberry Smoke we obviously hold a band to which a very few is missing – just not to be born at the right time – to play in the big leagues. Just behind is a handful of bands excepting to become its challengers. There is – I should say there was - Swamp da Wamp and Rambler that, with his second album "This Town Is Not Pretty", has obviously reached the next level. A very fine album whose perpetrators deserve to be on the cover of our magazine. Interview with its leader Pat Terranova ... 

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Pat Terranova.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Henry Paul and Billy Crain interviews for Bands Of Dixie (English version of the interview published in issue #108, first trimester of 2016)

The announcement of the Henry Paul Band's original players reunion for two shows with the current Outlaws band joined by some of his "historical" band members has caused a huge excitement in the Bands Of Dixie editorial team. Just imagine: the Outlaws, probably the most exciting of the still active legendary bands, offered one of the most exciting family reunion with his putative brother: the Henry Paul Band! Band Of Dixie had the duty to question the figures (Billy Crain here and Henry Paul) involved in what is almost one of the great events of the "Outlaws Family" history!

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Henry Paul

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Billy Crain

Friday, June 02, 2017

Gregg Allman Band - Nashville '88 (1988)

To me, Gregg Allman was the main man of Southern Rock. Brother, what a shocker to learn of his recent passing. And to think I passed up my last chance to go see him live last year, because of other obligations, hoping to catch him next year or so. Well, not. Anyway, I guess most of you feel pretty much the same way I do. What a legacy, what a voice, such beautiful musical contributions over 50 years. To offer some small consolation (thanks Jean!), here is a pretty cool live show from 1988 of Gregg performing at The Cannery in Nashville, TN. It's an FM broadcast, so the recording is actually quite good and crisp sounding. Gregg, I'm gonna miss you. Still got your music, though. And a new one coming up soon? Let's hope it's a burner (I believe it could very well be!). Until then, get some Sweet Feeling.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Daniel Bud Ford (Roundhouse - Doc Holliday) interview for Bands Of Dixie (English version of the interview published in issue #108, first trimester of 2016)

It was in 1989 with the "Song For The Outlaw" Doc Holliday’s live record that we discovered Daniel Bud Ford. The one we saw as the successor to John Samuelson was also his predecessor. That was before the Doc was the Doc; it was in the early seventies when the band was then called Roundhouse. We asked Daniel, a great storyteller, to tell us about the Macon and Warner Robbins in the sixties and seventies, to tell us about the Roundhouse story, to give us his Doc Holliday memories... Briefly, to speak about his life.

- Roundhouse / Doc Holliday chronology.
- The greatest rock and roll story ever told.

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Daniel Bud Ford.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lou Kaplan (Mad Jack - Savoy Brown - Kaplan/Shaw - Last Train Out - Lonesome Crow) interview for Bands Of Dixie (English version of the interview published in issue #107 (November December 2015)

"I've spent my whole career bucking the trends, trying to keep the heart and soul of music alive. If that's limited my business opportunities, so be it. I'd rather be an outlaw than a sellout!". That's what says Lou Kaplan, the Lonesome Crow singer. We talked with this outlaw whose one of the first mentors was Ronnie James Dio, this outlaw who was part of Savoy Brown, this outlaw who was leading Mad Jack.

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Lou Kaplan.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Hogjaw interview for Bands Of Dixie (published in issue #105, July - August 2015)

The first Hogjaw's album, that was-seven years ago... Watch what happened after seven years to the rock bands and their music, If they have lived for so long... Not the same it seems with a few exceptions. Well, Hogjaw is one of it. A new guitar player, perhaps, but no wrinkles. Hogjaw, it's the same energy and passion than the first day. On record and on stage, it gives a damn punchy rock but this energy and this passion burning them, radiate just as much this interview. Hot!

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Hogjaw.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

John Rehmel (Southern Thunder Project) interview for Bands Of Dixie (published in issue #105 (July - August 2015)

Southern rock is traditionally a matter of bands and, this, maybe even more than elsewhere. By the way, the "Band" term is frequently used in Southern rock group names, and browse the issue #50 of your favorite magazine and you’ll see that all the fifty best releases have been made by bands. But now is appearing an other form of creative organization, still collective, but more punctual and bringing together musicians from different origins. First were Brothers Of The Southland, then Dixie Tabernacle and - to some extent - Dusty King James and now comes the Southern Thunder Project. John Rehmel tells us about this project.

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with John Rehmel.

Billy Crain interview (published in Bands Of Dixie #102, January - February 2015)

A lot of events happened to Billy Crain since our previous interview. A dark period opened for him with a succession of misfortunes. He tells about it as well off course as its new record. Third interview subject: we know the Billy Crain qualities as guitar player but Billy appears increasingly to be also a nice singer.

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Billy Crain

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Eddie Stone interview for Bands Of Dixie (published in issue #101, november - december 2014)

Doc Holliday is back!
Doc Holliday is back!
Doc Holliday is back on the road... what a surprise!
Yes, this Doc Holliday is without John Samuelson, Danny “Cadillac” Lastinger and, above all, Bruce Brookshire, and it can raise questions...
But the presence in this new Doc Holliday of Rob Walker, the great Stillwater guitar player and close friend of the band, but also of Michael Gilbert, ex guitar player of Preacher Stone, are great assets for the band...
To talk about this Doc Holliday new start, was it a better than to meet Eddie Stone, the historical keyboard player of the band?
The opportunity to talk also about his solo career and his adventures with Grinderswitch, Wet Willie, the Winters Brothers, etc.

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Eddie Stone

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Gig Michaels (Swamp da Wamp) interview for Bands Of Dixie (archive, 2015)

A lot of readers are keeping in mind the noteworthy Gig Michaels interview from 2012. It was natural for Bands Of Dixie to offer a new interview with this colorful figure. The opportunity was a little overdue but finally the new Swamp da Wamp album is out... We talked about it with Gig.

January 2016 addition: this interview was done September 2015. Gig Michaels died January 3, 2016 just hours before his 52nd birthday. The death of this fabulous and endearing artist is a great loss for all the music lovers.

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview with Gig Michaels.